Lean Manufacturing
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Global Titanium has aggressively pursued lean manufacturing techniques with the belief that improving process flows and increasing efficiency in the production process will aid in producing the best quality products.  This effort is ongoing as new ideas and new technology are evaluated to determine how they might benefit the product and the customer.  There are two main focal points in Global Titanium's pursuit of lean manufacturing.  The first is the identification of best practices at each process and the second is a continuous improvement program.

Best Practices

Working with process operators, supervisors, managers and safety and quality personnel, Global Titanium has evaluated processes to determine the best, most efficient flow of work.  Global Titanium believes that the best processes start with safe work practices which will yield the most efficient process and highest quality products.  New technology as well as alternative uses for existing machinery have been evaluated in this effort.  The result has universally been a better product, produced more efficiently, with the safest possible conditions.

Continuous Improvement Program

In addition to the pursuit of best practices, Global Titanium has introduced a continuous improvement program.  This program has harnessed the creative abilities of the workforce toward the goal of improved quality and safety.  Improvement ideas are solicited from process operators and supervisors and evaluated for effectiveness and practicality.  Ideas that are implemented result in a reward for the submitter.

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