Quality Assurance
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In order to consistently produce quality products, companies must place checks and feedback mechanisms in place to insure that potential risks to quality do not become quality complaints.  Global Titanium has fostered three such checks.  The first is the Quality Assurance Committee.  The second is the Quality Contact and the third is the Final Inspection and Quality Approved Sticker Program.

Quality Assurance Committee

Once per month, the Quality Assurance Committee meets to discuss processes and look at potential quality problems.  The committee members are comprised of process operators, supervisors, managers, and quality personnel.  The committee is an excellent method of receiving feedback on what programs are successful and what programs need more work.

Quality Contact

The Quality Contact is a brief training session conducted at a minimum of once per week by each supervisor with the process operators.  Topics range from reminders of new procedures to learnings from process breakdowns.  The contact is an excellent way for every employee in the plant to be kept up-to-date on quality issues.

Final Inspection and Quality Approved Sticker Program

Before any product leaves Global Titanium premises, it is subject to a final inspection by a process operator and the quality technician.  The final inspection covers all components of the product such as sizing, packaging, chemistry, volume, and shipping paperwork.  During this final inspection, the packages are checked to insure they have been quality approved by the placement of a quality assurance sticker on the package.  This final check insures that products have been produced correctly, are packaged correctly and are being shipped to the correct location.

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